Houllier - Will this man ever stop moaning?

Last updated : 29 January 2003 By Chris Parry
Liverpool took three points from a possible twenty four in the run up to the Highbury game, and it's all our fault! - Bollocks Gerard.

I suppose he won't remember how Stephan Henchoz played handball in the 2001 F.A. Cup Final and effectively cost us the game, but never mind about that eh?

Houllier - who has now taken over the mantle of "chief moaner" from Fergie - has said:

"I believe we would be in a very different position now had it not been for that penalty. A win at Highbury at a crucial time would have given us a very different attitude. That was the day our title challenge ended, not just because of the points lost, but because of the knock-on effect.

"Psychologically it would it would have made a big difference to the rest of the season. This should have been a title decider, but because of our bad run and some of the misfortune we have suffered, it is not going to be. But we still have a lot to play for.

"Had it not been for that incident at Highbury, this game would have meant more in terms of the title, and you can say that it is between Arsenal and Manchester United now."

What rubbish from the man who seems to be losing the plot up at Anfield, still, at least Jerzy Dudek's not complaining - Houllier, who instantly dropped the classy Dudek from the first team because of a couple of errors (that'll do wonders for his confidence Gerard!) now welcomes him back like a veritable prodigal son as soon as Chris Kirkland gets injured!

He says: "The last three weeks have seen a big difference in Jerzy. Our goalkeeping coach Joe Corrigan has told me that in the last three weeks he's really back in business. Jerzy is top quality and was outstanding last season, and he will show he is a great goalkeeper."

I wonder how long he'd have been languishing in the reserves had the unfortunate Kirkland not picked up his injury?

Whatever - I hope we give them a good hiding tonight up at Anfield, albeit getting a result there is never easy.