Make A Difference to Thierry Henry and Arsenal!

Last updated : 22 March 2006 By Ben Dimech
We have it on very good authority that the contract on offer is like nothing else the club have ever offered to a player before.

Thierry is just not sure whether to stay for purely footballing reasons.

A few of us have had an idea therefore that might - just might - help him in his decision.

We Arsenal fans are a moany bunch who struggle to really make a difference when and where it counts. Let's start a campaign for Thierry to stay by writing in postcards to him (care of the club). If we get cards coming in from all the fellow Arsenal supporters we know then the combined effect might reassure the great man that Ashburton Grove should be the furthest he has to travel for his new home next season. Henry's one of the few footballing romantics left in the game and if we really show our desire for him to stay at our club, it may well make a difference!

Just buy a postcard and send it in. Something like:

"Thierry, stay and lead us to our new home" will suffice, just anything.

Even if you don't want to do it, get your kids or even grandkids to do it.

Lets not sit there and then moan - when he has gone - that the supporters should have done something! That would be so typically us! Let's be proactive and make it hard for him to leave The Arsenal.

Write to: Thierry Henry, C/O Arsenal FC PLC, Highbury, London, N5 1BU.

The club are aware of this plea and will ENSURE he gets your messages.

Please pass this onto ALL the other Gooners you know and let's get the ball rolling!


The REDaction Team.