Roeder: The rantings of a desperate man

Last updated : 19 January 2003 By Chris Parry

Whilst I feel that Lomas was unlucky to see red, it WAS a penalty - no doubt about it. If the luckless Lomas is stupid enough to pull the shirt of opponent in the box then he risks being sent off, it's as simple as that. Glenn doesn't agree though:

"We definitely feel hard done by. I didn't think that Pires needed any encouragement to fall over. He barely got touched but down he went and left the referee with little option. Pires could quite easily have stayed up and you would've respected him as a player with such quality would have finished it off anyway. But we'll take that one on the chin.''

The soon to be-Nationwide manager is also barking up the wrong tree if he thinks that anybody but a West Ham fan is going to fall for him defending a thug like Lee Bowyer! - but no, Glenn does his best:

"Everyone in the ground bar the most important person saw that Bergkamp clearly put his arm in Bowyer's face and pushed him away and to the ground. The referee couldn't say he didn't see it as he was in a fantastic position. My gut feeling is that he knows he got that one wrong and that was the killer blow for us.

"I wouldn't want Dennis sent off though. He didn't clench his fist. He had his hand open and just pushed Bowyer away in the face. I would have been quite happy with a free-kick. It's a man's game but you do want what you deserve."

Too true you do Glenn, and today you deserved nothing. He's getting almost as bad as Houllier, perhaps he should concentrate on keeping his side up instead of whinging about the opposition.