Twitter Reacts to 2020/21 Europa League Draw

It might feel like European football hasn't stopped (because it literally hasn't, the qualifiers for 2020/21 started before the 2019/20 finals) but the draw for this season's Europa League is already upon us.

And, as ever, people on Twitter have opinions to express.

What are we waiting for?

Arsenal in Ireland

Wee trip to Dundalk for Arsenal, is it? The Irish champions will contest group stage European football for just the second time in the rebranded era, and they will have to make it count, as they take on English opposition in Europe for the first time since 1982.

Under normal circumstances, Arsenal fans would be cherishing a trip to Ireland, and vice versa for the Dundalk faithful. Bloody coronavirus.

Celtic's Group of Death

How's your luck, Celtic? Scraping your way bast the best Latvia and Bosnia-Herzegovina have to offer, eventually securing a place in the group stage in Pot One...only to be lumped with an absolute clanger of a group.

Sparta Prague, AC Milan and Lille. Bloody hell.

Lille and Milan, who have both been linked with Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos at one point or another. Coincidence? Yes, but it's still funny.

The Hoops and Milan have a bit of history on the big stage. Here's a quick refresher.

Tottenham's Luck of the Draw

Celtic land that coming out of Pot One, and then Tottenham get this. Play the game, UEFA, Scottish teams don't get much.

Spurs are in the most Europa League group in Europa League history, and for some, it's a sign of how far they have fallen since the glory days of Pochettino.

At least Mourinho and his staff are excited...

Maybe not.

It's...Actually a Bit Bland?

OK, there's no use in avoiding it any longer. This year's draw was pretty vanilla, wasn't it?

The fairly even spread means there are so few ties to get excited about, and the ones that are worth a raised eyebrow or two are dampened by the fact there will be reduced (or non-existent) crowds at the vast majority of group games.

Still, Arsenal dropping points at the Aviva Stadium should give us all a nice big laugh.

Source : 90min