Wenger - Win sends out the right signals

Last updated : 17 September 2006 By Chris Parry
Here's what he said after the game:

"I can keep telling the players they are great but if the words are not backed up by points, it is bound to have a subconscious effect on the players. People have been writing us off, to the extent that some of them have even had us playing in Division One next season.

"I believe they have been very quick to draw their conclusions but equally, I am not stupid enough to think nothing can happen to us. I have seen very good teams suddenly look average when doubt creeps in.

"Given those circumstances, and the authority with which we played, this has to be my best win over United at Old Trafford and one that sends out the right signals to everyone."

"We are not a team in transition. We are a big club who want to win championships. There is great potential in this team. I strongly believe in the quality of the players and results like this have to help."