Wenger speaks out in support of Bergkamp

Last updated : 19 January 2003 By Chris Parry
Bowyer is a little git, always has been and always will be. Sometimes I wish that the managers can simply say what they feel after games, and not the tactful stuff they are forced to spout forth.

Nevertheless Arsene jumped to Bergkamp's defence:

"When Arsenal are involved, there is always more made of it. We are used to that, but it looked like Dennis was just protecting the ball with his elbows and Bowyer ran into him. It didn't look intentional. Why, if he had the ball, would he want to elbow Bowyer?"

Exactly. It was clear from looking at the television pictures that the back of Dennis' hand made contact with the side of Bowyers face, but there was no malice, and Bowyer certainly made a meal of it.

I'll bet he won't stick around for the Nationwide League action next season either.

Dennis himself had this to say:

"It was just an accident. I was protecting the ball and when I turned round, there was contact with him but I never knew he was there. What can I say? Of course, there was contact but I didn't intend to touch him. The referee was close enough to see that."

"Of course, I feel sorry for West Ham and Lee Bowyer, but there's nothing else I could have done. Soon after the goal, Lee Bowyer said to me that I'd elbowed him. But I told him it was an accident and I never knew he was there. I said it was just a big accident and there was nothing I could do."