Will Wenger open the chequebook?

Last updated : 29 January 2007 By Chris Parry

"We did not have the right sharpness and focus to play at the right pace, which suited them. In the second half, it was a bit like the Manchester United game in that we came out with a good resolution, but then straight away we were 1-0 down. From then on, it was all us."

"We do not choose to go behind deliberately. Before 10 minutes we were always 1-0 down, but this time it happened in the second half. Sometimes that can happen."

And on the injury situation, and whether or not he will be tempted to panic-buy....

"That is a good question. I cannot give you an answer. I do not think so. I would see that as a panic buy because it was not planned."

"We have lost now van Persie, and will see what Baptista has.

"I will see when we play and which players I will use, because at the moment it is important not to lose too many players. First of all you want your good players to be with you and we do have important games coming up.

"If we continue to lose players, I will have to choose what we go for."