6 of the Best Items to Pick Up in the Arsenal Direct Sale

Do you like nice clothes? Of course you do. Do you support a football team? It'd be a tad odd to be here if you didn't, wouldn't it? So yes, you do.

Now that you are here and your attention is grasped, why not take a look at some rather delightful garments ('hard garm') and miscellaneous items (misc ites) that can be purchased featuring your favourite club, Arsenal?

Going to assume that's your favourite club since you're here, but if you haven't got the time to delve into the Arsenal Direct shop then that's just fine, as we've collected a few of the best obtainables on there to save you the effort.

Crew Black T-Shirt

Given it's hot outside and summer is very much still in effect, it's probably best to get something a without long sleeves or unnecessary hoods.

So with Arsenal bringing out a simple, effective black t-shirt on sale it's the kind of essential purchase that isn't to be missed out on. After all, less is more, so grabbing yourself a smart top that you can wear for any occasion just makes sense, right?

Get your crew black t-shirt for £18.

Bruised Banana Face Mask

It's still hard to wrap our heads around, but the impact of COVID-19 remains prevalent and we all need to be as vigilant and safe as we can during these tough times.

Online there are ways of making your own face mask with a sock and whatnot, but as we should be wearing them, we might as well add a bit of style. For that, the Gunners have got you covered with a bruised banana face covering. Wear one, and look good while you do it.

Get your bruised banana face mask for £7.

Arsenal Highbury Illustration Cushion

You'll find plenty of fans of the club who sorely miss Highbury. Rightly so, it's an iconic ground in the club's history and saw the greatest Arsenal team of all time win the Premier League while there.

The Emirates is great, no doubt, but it's still not quite the old home. For a mixture of fond memories as well as the fact we're all binge-watching series and films like crazy right, what better than a comfy pillow to satisfy those needs?

Get your illustration cushion for £35.

FA Cup Final Celebration Shirt

In a season full of considerable lows, Mikel Arteta and co managed to salvage some joy from 2019/20 in spectacular fashion, securing the club's 14th FA Cup title with a comeback victory over Chelsea.

For all those who felt pretty miserable all year long, it was the perfect pick-me-up in more ways than one. Quite simply, it was a glorious occasion.

So, why not have a little piece of that forever? Indeed, those custom made shirts the players wore at full-time to mark the occasion can be picked up from Arsenal Direct. You can grab yourself one of these and imitate Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang by dropping everything you have in your house. You know you want to.

Get your 2020 FA Cup celebration shirt for £80.

Navy Crest Cap

Everyone either wears or, at least, owns a hat. In what form that may be.. I don't know, but everyone, everywhere, has some kind of head warmer. It/they might be at the back of the cupboard somewhere, but instead of owning some naff ones, get yourself a proper cap.

What better than one on sale? Arsenal are doing one in a neat navy blue colour fitted with the club crest front and centre, and given how well Nicolas Pepe styles it, there is no reason you can't either.

Rain or shine, you need a cap.

Get your navy crest hate for £12.

Crest Brxlz Construction Toy

Yes, you read that right.

With football now off our screens for far too long (again), we need to find something to occupy our minds in the off season. Something like, say, a 1271-piece build-your-own pixelated Arsenal crest.

Keep those hands busy instead of furiously hitting refresh in wait of transfer news. It makes sense.

Get your crest brxlz construction toy for £20.

Source : 90min