7 Footballers Who Are Winning Quarantine - Edition 2

​What are we all doing to pass the time, then? Disney+? Ps4? Excessive overuse of social media? 

If the last one is more your speed, then you've got something in common with footballers all across the world, who have taken to their platforms of choice to share how they are handling the prolonged isolation. 

This time there are unfortunately no videos of ​James Milner cutting his grass with scissors or making dad jokes with household items (sorry, he's been quiet) but we do have dogs, dodgy birthday parties, and two dads with vastly differing parenting styles. 

So, what are we waiting for? Let's see who's winning quarantine this week...

The Entire Liverpool Squad

During these trying times, it's essential to keep up with your mates to maintain some sanity and all...but even still, doesn't a group call with literally everyone at your work sound like the worst thing that could possibly happen? 

​Liverpool FC are here to show us that yes, it is the worst thing that could possibly happen. This is an absolute train-wreck that even Jurgen Klopp can't hold together, but at least they're all having fun. ​

Winning Rating: 4/10

​Obviously Too Many People on the Video Call to Sing Happy Birthday, Why Did They Even Try That Rating: 10/10

Robin & Shaqueel van Persie

What better way to kill multiple hours than to synchronise a football dance routine with your 13-year-old son? 

Old Robin actually looks a little off the pace here. It seems there is a first time for everything. 

Well, either that or his son is just really, really good. 

Winning Rating: 6/10

No Idea What He Thinks the Smirk Emoji Means But It's Not That Rating: 9/10 

Joe Lolley & His Dog

Know who's loving this period of aggressive inactivity? Pets. Specifically, dogs. 

Our canine mates are seeing unprecedented levels of 'people being home', and given that they give us all an excuse to get out the house for an hour or so, they are being walked like their lives depend on it.

Joe Lolley's becoming an early 'winning quarantine' favourite after his Football Manager antics made the cut ​last time, and it seems his pup is just one of many across Europe that is reaping the benefits. 

Winning Rating: 6/10

Dog Needs to Learn How to Swim Properly Rating: 7/10

Antonio Candreva

Handling isolation? Difficult? Nah, it's like taking a dummy from a baby. 

And when ice-cool Inter star Candreva isn't stealing from his one-year-old daughter, he's taking the time out to do some keepy-uppy with his partner Allegra. 

Winning Rating: 7/10

Being Upstaged by Your Wife Rating: 8/10

Dele Alli

The ability to enjoy your own company is truly a virtue, and one it seems Dele had down to a tee as he turned 24 over the weekend.

That barbeque doesn't even look like it's on, but at least he's winning at twister, which is more than Spurs could manage in the month leading up to the enforced break. 

Winning Rating: 8/10

Seriously Though Mate, What is That Cake About Rating: 9.5/10

Everyone Doing #SubsForScrubs

OK, so it's not an individual footballer, but 90min are running a social media campaign in support of the NHS. We're asking football twitter and beyond to get their kit on and donate some £, instead of playing football...which, you know, you shouldn't be doing during isolation.

Some of the efforts so far have been stellar (see ​here for more, and also to meet my dog) and you should definitely keep them coming. 


Winning Rating: 10/10

Social Media Supporting the NHS Rating: 10/10

David Luiz

But we'd be remiss if we were to leave out David Luiz losing to Matteo Guendouzi at a game of rock, paper, scissors. 

The Brazilian's Instagram is pretty legendary, and the content has only got more entertaining since he has been stuck in the house. See also: his creative happy Easter message. 

David Luiz: the undisputed king of social media content for the sake of social media content.

Winning Rating: 10/10

Not Overly Sure Why He's Done This But it's Fun Anyway Rating: 11/10

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Source : 90min