AISA say 'Oi, Arsenal Board, Sort It Out!'

Last updated : 07 July 2003 By Steven Powell
Most football supporters I know have learnt to decode tabloid hysteria over the years. Most of us can distinguish from a "Becks to Real" story which might have some legs and an "Arsenal to sign Figo, Zidane and Davids" story. You learn to look for the little nuances, the lack of direct quotes and so on.

A good clue is checking the club website in most cases. When I was phoned by a journalist at 10.45pm on Saturday evening I was delighted with the news. I asked if it was official. I was told "yes". When the story then gets splashed on the club website I think any reasonable person is entitled to think it's job done. Certainly former midfield maestro Paul Davis, who works part-time for the club as a youth coach thought so. He has interviewed on Sky Sports News speaking as if the new contract was a done deal.

This incident is NOT funny. It makes the club and us supporters look stupid and unprofessional. If the comments of both Dennis Bergkamp and his agent are to be believed he hasn't been told whether he's to report to training tomorrow. Neither has he been made a definitive final offer of a new contract, again according to his agent. If we're going to show Dennis the door, let's do it with a little dignity and respect for a man who's been a great servant to Arsenal. Of course, it may be that the club has another point of view from Dennis and his agent. Perhaps they'd like to share it with us.

That's the trouble with the Arsenal board. The place has always been run like the Kremlin at the height of the Soviet Union. A little bit more professionalism and transparency, not to say respect for both players and supporters wouldn't go amiss. I for one am starting to worry with the first pre-season friendly on Friday. Come on Arsenal board, sort it out!

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