All 20 Premier League Club's 2020/21 Home Kits - Ranked

Kits are great.

We spend loads of money on them, get them personalised for friends and family, wear them on and off for a year, stick them in a draw with the hundreds of others, then rinse and repeat.

But we still do it each and every year. We even buy kits of clubs we don't support, nations we don't come from, and spend money we don't have.

There is something romantically endearing about football kits, there really is. They come without the drama of football itself, as well as the crushing lows. So, with the 2020/21 Premier League season mere weeks away, the new kits on the block are now here. Get. In.

But, with all 20 (not) out in the public eye, who's done the best job? Which kit will reign supreme this season, and knock Arsenal off their perch from last time out? Let's judge them, and inevitably, be judged for our own judgement.

20. Fulham

They still haven't released one. With a week to go.

Well done.

19. West Brom

Anyone donning the new Baggies kit is going to become very annoyed every time they enter the pub and someone tries scanning them to order a pint to their table.

18. Crystal Palace

When your own supporters can't post a comment about the new home kit without using bad words, you know you've cocked up.

It's polarising. Worthy of relegation in itself.

17. Newcastle

Yay! A lovely bright blue betting sponsor! We all love those!

Having been seemingly caught in two minds, Newcastle have decided to ditch the two, really thick, white lines from last season's kit and go too thin on this occasion.

An example of what happens when naff all care goes into the design.

16. West Ham

A celebratory kit that offers precious little in terms of excitement.

Yes, it's in honour of their 125th anniversary, but it's just so plain.

15. Chelsea

When you whack a giant number three to the front of your kit (yes, it's a sponsor, we know) you're just opening the door for social media edits when you concede three goals.

What? Social media has already done that? Case closed.

14. Burnley

This...this is actually not too bad.

Burnley are never going to make drastic changes to their classic claret top, it's just a shame a whopping great betting logo had to be plastered across the front. Don't see any of that in the strip from 100 years ago.

13. Manchester City

Sure, we get it, it rains a lot in Manchester, but was there any need to make the kit look like the bottom of a Benidorm swimming pool?

A bit too much going on.

12. Tottenham

This is one of those that grows on you. At first, it's all a bit wishy washy with too much going on, then it begins to click... maybe.

11. Aston Villa

No we're entering mid-table mediocrity.

Nothing especially wrong, but nothing obviously bad either. Badge looks too high up. That's something unusual.

10. Liverpool

After sooo much hype surrounding the new kit deal, when the strip actually dropped, it was a bit underwhelming.

Very meh, if we're being honest. The teal sleeve thing, too? Yeah totally screams the city of Liverpool.


9. Everton

Everton have switched it up a bit with the introduction of Hummel as their shirt manufacturer. And you know what? It works.

Neat pattern across the front, classic arrow-like symbols down the shoulders. Solid.

8. Wolves

The black sleeves shouldn't work here. If anything, it makes the kit come across as a bit...Championshipy?

Well, you know what, who said Championship kits are bad? Lovely embroidery work across the front too.

7. Southampton

Do you like a sash? We like a sash.

So good on Southampton for putting one on this coming season's strip to celebrate their 135th anniversary. We're all on board with the retro, when it's done right, that is.

However, this is done very right... except for the betting logo, obviously.

6. Leeds United

Leeds, in white? Moreover, Leeds in ALL white????

Precisely that, adidas clearly know a thing or two about tradition, not meddling too much with Leeds' classic look. Blue on the shoulders is a nice addition, and the sponsor isn't as garish as expected.

5. Manchester United

Whether you think it looks like a bus seat or not, the latest Manchester United strip is smart, inoffensive and, given it looks like a bus seat, probably very comfortable.

FYI: They're more comfortable the further up north you go.

4. Brighton

Good collars are hard to get right, but when you nail that and neat pin stripes, you know you're on to a winner.

Well played Brighton for smashing this one out of the park. I bet it looks great in long sleeve form, too.

3. Leicester

Yes to those sleeves. Yes.

2. Arsenal

Do you remember that level on the original Pokemon games where you need to navigate your way through the Team Rocket tower with those moving floor panels?

Probably not, but that's what the Arsenal kit looks like. Which, by the way, is a very good thing, since that game was brilliant.

adidas pulling out all the stops again.

1. Sheffield United

This stripes not quite reaching shoulder height thing has become commonplace this season, but none of the efforts are a scratch on Sheffield United.

It's a kit you'd happily go to war in. Classy, elegant and aesthetically pleasing on the eye, it's got the lot.

Well done lads, well done.

Source : 90min