Are we on the verge of Lehmann deal?....

Last updated : 23 July 2003 By Chris Parry
Lehmann chats to a referee!
A leading light at Lehmann's club, Borussia Dortmund, has said: "The first negotiations took place on Monday, and the negotiations will continue. But there has not been an agreement yet. We will only have an agreement if we come to terms on the financial side."

33 year-old Lehmann, noted for his disciplinary problems as well as his goalkeeping abilities, is only kept out of the German national side by Oliver Kahn.

Quite what the signing of a keeper like Lehmann will do to young Stuart Taylor's confidence is unclear. I get the impression that Taylor feels he is now man enough to shoulder the burden of being number one at Highbury, but it is clear that Arsene Wenger would prefer him to be an understudy for the time being.

We'll wait and see what transpires, but I still feel that the man Wenger wants is Canizares. I wouldn't be too surprised to see Sylvain Wiltord head for Valencia as part of any deal either.