Gazidis: 'I don't know that a takeover is inevitable'

Last updated : 08 November 2009 By Chris Parry
... albeit 'attributed' is the key word here.

Ivan Gazidis had this to say when questions as to the motives of our American board member:

"I don't know that a takeover is inevitable. I think, again, the club has been very public about its desire to operate a self-sustaining business model, and I think all of our owners, those on the board and those outside the board, have subscribed to that philosophy. Certainly anyone that's been buying shares understands that this is a self-sustaining business model that they're buying into," Gazidis was quoted as saying by The Leader, the news service provided by the Leaders in Football conference.

"Whether or not that turns into a takeover bid only those shareholders can ultimately speak too, but I think the fact that nobody has taken their shareholding over 30 per cent, and that 30 per cent number doesn't seem to be a threshold that is imminently going to be crossed, indicates that we don't see a move for a takeover at least at this point."