'It's Up for Grabs Now!' - We need YOUR help!

Last updated : 02 March 2004 By Chris Parry

... However, major historical events are different.

The greatest and most improbable event since the Immaculate Conception took place on May 26th. 1989. To commemorate this miraculous event we're publishing a book.

As every Tom, Dick and Spurs fan writes a football book these days we don't want it to be about football - We want it to be about what 26/5/89 meant to you and how it changed your life.

Did it save you from certain suicide or did it merely result in a hangover the size of a Leeds United overdraft? What did you do, where were you, did you meet the love of your life or did you get chased out of a Liverpool chippie by John Aldridge's twin brother wielding a machete?

If you were at Anfield let us know about the journey there and back. If you were at Highbury after the game share your memories with us and if you were listening from an Arctic research station on a home-made wireless we would be particularly keen to hear how you celebrated the victory with the local penguin population. If you were watching it at home on telly and hugged your dad, after not speaking to him for 15 years when Mickey scored we want your story about what has been described famously as "The greatest moment, ever".

The book will include contributions from the protagonists (that's players and managers for the dimmer ones among you) and celebrity gooners (although we have approached neither Dale Winton nor Ainsley Harriott at this stage!). The bulk of the space will be dedicated to those who watched from the Anfield Road end, behind enemy lines in the Kop, pubs around Highbury, pubs across London and homes across the world.

Please send all contributions to us at upforgrabsnow@hotmail.com

If you're the type of fan who can't even be bothered to get behind the team at Highbury, and are definitely too lazy to write a couple of paragraphs then remember this:

All proceeds from the book's sale will be donated to the Marc Fisher Trust, which is dedicated to raising funds to research cures for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and Hodgkins disease. As most of you probably know this was the disease that snatched Arsenal legend David Rocastle from his family and his fans at the age of 33. The charity has a strong association with Arsenal Football Club, with Ashley Cole donating his car to be auctioned in 2003.

There are no strict guidelines concerning length of contributions, although please do not send attachments, as these will be ignored. Anything is welcome from a paragraph to a 1,000 word essay. Copy deadline is April 8th. 2004 to enable us to publish in time for the 15-year anniversary of Anfield on May 26th.

Please, please help us out with this - Tell your friends to write to us. The cause is a worthwhile one, and as a bonus you also end up with a great book to read!

Thanks in advance for your support.