Mikel Arteta Impressed Against Chelsea - But Things Can Get Even Better After the Winter Break

​It was an individual error that almost cost Arsenal against Chelsea for the second time in a matter of weeks, and while Gabriel Martinelli's heroics helped the Gunners avoid another defeat, it's another sign the Mikel Arteta is still trying to iron out Unai Emery's influence on this team.

There have been improvements since Arteta's appointment. Arsenal are playing with much higher intensity, there appears to be quite a clear game plan tactically and individual players are being improved on a week by week basis.

For anyone who's watched Arsenal each week, it's not going to far to suggest that what Arteta has done so far has been incredible.

Antonio Rudiger

But it's still too early to cast any judgement on Arteta's record with Arsenal. Not because of the number of games he's been in the dugout or the amount of time he's been in north London. But the Spaniard has actually had next to no time to work on his style.

Just take Jürgen Klopp at Borussia Dortmund as an example.

The German's Gegenpressing style is very specific. So although the squad he assembled was a piece of scouting genius that really was one in a million, those players still needed to be drilled in Klopp's tactics.

It wasn't a specific amount of time that Klopp was in charge that helped Dortmund become the team they're now fondly remembered as, but the manager himself credits Germany's winter break for helping him leave his mark on the team.

Dortmund's head coach Juergen Klopp (R)

The fast pace that games come in the Premier League - specifically during Arteta's tenure too - leaves very little wriggle room to work on new tactics, with teams just looking ahead at ways to counteract their next opponents.

So although Arsenal are already unrecognisable when it comes to comparing them with Emery's team, there is still more to come from Arteta and his hand-picked coaching staff this season, let alone what fans might be in store for next year.

Bringing things full circle back to Arsenal's 2-2 draw against Chelsea, it's clear that no amount of Arteta's magic will make things perfect.

Without a facelift in the makeup of the squad, individual errors - they've cost Arsenal in both matches against ​Chelsea this season - will continue to leave the Gunners with one hand behind their back in the push to return to the Champions League.

Mikel Arteta

New additions will be key in Arsenal's long-term plan under Arteta.

But it's after the impending winter break when Arsenal fans could really be treated to a major short-term improvement under their exciting new manager, and when Pep Guardiola's right-hand man can actually be judged in the spotlight.

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Source : 90min