Premier League Players to Wear Masks as Part of New Training Protocols

With the Premier League hoping to have the season back underway soon, bosses have drawn up a document featuring a brand new set of rules for each and every club to follow during training sessions.

While Arsenal and Tottenham have already returned to training in an individual capacity, with players working on separate pitches, other teams are hoping to follow suit soon and the league is hoping we'll get full training sessions back up and running by the time the top flight is scheduled to return in June.

Although the Premier League is eager to get team training back up and running, the health and safety of the players and staff are still at the forefront of every decision they make and each and every member of the clubs will have to pass the COVID-19 Antigen Test as well as additional respiratory tests in the 48 hours before they are all able to return to training.

The league ha also announced that all playing staff will be required to sign some form of written agreement vowing to follow the new rules.

The list of rules include:

  • All footballs, goalposts and other equipment to be regularly disinfected before and after used by staff wearing the correct PPE.

  • Players must wear snoods/masks at all times while training.

  • All cars must be parked at least three spaces apart.

  • Initially only five players in a training group.

  • All fluids to be left at designated points.

  • All personnel prohibited from spitting at the training ground.

  • Training sessions initially to only last a maximum of 75 minutes.

Premier League director of football Richard Garlick is responsible for these rules and drew them up himself.

The hope is that if each club follows the new rules and the reduced training goes well, then full team training will return sooner rather than later.

Source : 90min