Rocastle Remembered - New record!

Last updated : 17 February 2003 By Dr. Headgear

The previous record of 68 days and 20 hours was smashed by almost 2 weeks of processing time!

Whats more, the day after we were within 2 hours of breaking the previous record, contributing a magnificent 68 days and 18 hours. Thats close to five months of computing time contributed in just two days.

For those that don't know, the the UD Cancer Research project is a distributed computing system, where simply by downloading the program you can safely and easily contribute your PC's idle time and spare power to performing the billions of chemical calculations needed to screen molecules that have been identified as having potential in cancer treatment. The computing power made available by individuals and companies running this programme on normal PC's is phenomenal, the only other way to get these vital calculations done would be to buy a lot of very expensive time on one of the worlds biggest supercomputers.

So to all the members of the team - thanks and well done. Thanks also to all those that have joined the team recently - the recruitment drive is doing really well, tell all your friends. Maybe you could include a link to the project on your email signatures?

And for all members, especially those new to the project, remember to keep your profile settings up to date - their are various other optional research programmes you may wish to opt in or out of.

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