Svärd tells Danish press 'My time will come'

Last updated : 06 January 2003 By Chris Parry


"I've now been at Arsenal for two years and am still still happy to be here, even though I don't get much playing time. But my attitude is to learn and soak up as much as I can - my time will come"


"It's clear I'm thinking of first team football now I've had a taste of one of the big competitions" says Sebastian Svärd, who previously had only two appearances in the Worthington Cup.

But on Saturday he had his "debut" on the main stage in the victory over Oxford.

"It went fine. I don't know what was in the papers but our trainer, Arsene Wenger, said it was good. And that means a lot, as he is a man of few words." says Sebastian Svärd.

Arsene Wenger wasn't the only one who was impressed with the young Dane's performance in the midfield. Sky sports commentator thought he was "outstanding".

"It's nice that I can see that it's going the right way, and that I'm nearing the team. It gives a lot more courage to go for it. At first it was very hard, when I wasn't anywhere near to getting a game and at the same time had to get used to a new country. So I got homesick"

"There have been times when I've thought 'bloody hell, this isn't working' but now it's getting better. It's nice to know that all that hard work isn't for nothing"

"Now I just need to keep myself ready, as I know that the manager plans to use me when he needs me" says Sebastian Svärd. Even though ambition grows all the time Sebastian Svärd knows that he's come further than most.

"I'm only 19 years old, later in the month I'll be 20, and I can already say that I've played three games for one of the biggest clubs in the world, and thats fantastic. So I'm a happy boy, and soon I'll be a happy man" says Sebastian Svärd, who's now looking forward to his family coming to London to celebrate their star sons 20th birthday.

Excellent, sounds like he has his feet firmly on the ground but keeps his ambition burning. Nice.