The Players Arsenal Should Look to Sell This Summer

In honour of the departure of Freddie Ljungberg from the Arsenal coaching staff, let's introduce this piece with some words of inspiration from his country fellows: 'Money, money, money'.

Yes, that commodity that can be the beginning of the end just as it can act as the foundation for unbridled ambition. In this day and age, it's nigh-on impossible to match your lofty targets without cold, hard cash.

Which is great and all, unless you're Arsenal. Who, in no lesser terms, are a bit short of the ol' wonga.

Who could, and who should, go then? North London isn't exactly bursting at the seams with valuable assets, at least not ones that Arteta would like to keep hold of, yet, there is wiggle room to be made available in the transfer kitty this summer if the following few depart for pastures new.

1. Sokratis Papastathopoulos

How much money can you realistically accrue from a 32-year-old with one year left on his deal? Answer: enough.

Enough, of course, isn't a whole lot. But at a point where there are 250 central defenders at your club, garnering any amount of money and easing the wage bill of some decent salaries is deemed a bonus. There is no need for Sokratis at Arsenal anymore, as he'll rarely, if ever, feature in any competition, therefore simply getting rid is of benefit to Arteta's plans.

Furthermore, the fact there is genuine interest in him from the Gunners' arch nemesis Napoli should make for a smooth departure.

Potential Destination: Napoli
Potential Price: £3m

2. Rob Holding

When you're a club like Arsenal who've had legendary English central defenders throughout their history, it makes it that tinge harder to admit that the current homegrown defensive crop are not up to the standard required.

That's the cold hard truth with Rob Holding. Glimpses of talent and the occasional standout performance at Wembley are not, unfortunately, good enough.

Thing is, in an ideal world, Calum Chambers and Shkodran Mustafi would depart this summer, but with both suffering injuries - Chambers hasn't kicked a ball since December - it makes it less likely that they'll be on the move for a transfer fee.

Both could command more money than Holding, and there is still an element of hope that the Mancunian will recapture the form he showed prior to his injury - but that clock is ticking down to the point of needing new batteries.

Potential Destination: Leeds
Potential Price: £10m

3. Lucas Torreira

It didn't take long for the fiery Uruguayan to endear himself to the Arsenal faithful, as his all guns blazing, no stone left unturned style of play was exactly the level of fight supporters were yearning for.

Has he been in any way bad? Absolutely not. When played in his right position, Lucas Torreira put in some fine displays as the back four's desperately craved shield, yet at this point there is no room for sentiment.

Arteta's preference to field Granit Xhaka in the holding role has seen Torreira's game time limited, and with three years remaining on his deal, he's one of few players in the squad who is financially expendable.

Costing £27m when he joined two seasons ago, a similar(ish) fee would be wholly welcome.

Potential Destination: Somewhere in Italy
Potential Price: £25m

4. Matteo Guendouzi

He was given his chance, but it's now come to a point where Arsenal and Arteta are willing to cut ties with Matteo Guendouzi. Not even cutting ties, in truth, more like forcing him out of the club in whatever desired form of transport.

Whether that is as a straight sale, as a makeweight in another deal or as a swap, the club just want rid. Two years left on his deal and without a hope in hell of forcing his way back into first team contention, his days look numbered.

Lofty valuations as high as £30m have been mooted, but in the current climate and given his infuriating behaviour, it's a shot in the dark trying to find a club willing to stump up that fee.

What he's got going for him (what Arsenal have going for them) is that he's still young, with enough talent to suggest he could be a more than decent footballer.

Potential Destination: Atletico Madrid or Lyon
Potential Price: £20m

5. Mohamed Elneny

The Egyptian Busquets is now back at Arsenal after his loan stint at Besiktas came to an end, yet it's not set to be a particularly long return.

Arsenal have been trying to flog Mohamed Elneny off for a considerable length of time, but to no avail. He has no future at the club, no matter the competition, so it's come down to a case of whoever wants him, can have him.

A contract running until 2022 means the sooner he goes the better, at whatever price a club is willing.

Potential Destination: Back to Turkey
Potential Price: The price of an actual Turkey

6. Alexandre Lacazette

This one divides the fanbase. Generally speaking, Alexandre Lacazette divides the fanbase, too.

Some adore his passion and work rate, others bemoan his lack of goals. Yet, as we've seen with those listed above, it comes down to a matter of rummaging together as much money as possible to improve the overall quality of the squad.

There are so many facets to selling Lacazette that are up in the air. On one side, he's 29 now and has two years left on his deal, thus it's probably coming at a time where he either commits or is moved on. Selling him could earn the Gunners as much as £30m, which would go a long way to satisfying Arteta's transfer needs.

But, if Arsenal do sell Lacazette, then they simply must sign another striker. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is now exclusively a left-sided forward, which would leave 21-year-old Eddie Nketiah as the solitary recognised striker in the squad. He can't bear that burden all season, no matter how promising he may be.

So, say they do get £30m, then what striking options are there available for such a price? Not many, if any. Selling Lacazette would just be a case of one in, one out in the position. Arteta wouldn't be able to strengthen elsewhere with that cash injection.

Hmm, indeed.

Potential Destination: Juventus
Potential Price: £30m

Source : 90min