There will be no big names this transfer window...

Last updated : 04 January 2009 By Chris Parry

"We have a specific budget which is not as big as I have read in the newspapers, some ridiculous amounts of money that are completely crazy. But we will try to use it wisely and well if we can.

"This team is together, getting stronger and stronger - but what we need to focus on is continually developing and not live in dreamland where we are linked with players of £30million or £40million because that is not realistic. We have a very, very good squad and we will go for an exceptional talent only - but if it is just to have one player more, we will not do it."

"At the moment, people in football are not conscious of what is facing us economically. People still think we are in a bubble, but we will be hit like anybody else in this economic crisis, I am convinced of that. You will have a much more cautious market than you expect it to be and one of the isolated powers you could have are Manchester City.

"That will be one of their strengths because they will not have quite as much competition as they would have had in normal circumstances."

"What is most important is the club has built a new stadium and we live in a very strong and healthy situation financially. You look how many clubs have done that and we play at the top. How many clubs have managed to build a new stadium, have a good financial situation and continue to play at the top?"

"It is not that we do not want to spend. We have gone for a policy that is to develop our young players and we have to show some character and strength, not listen to everybody who comes out everyday with a new name."

"Chelsea have not built a stadium and they lose £100m per year - how do you imagine you can deal with that at Arsenal Football Club without going bankrupt? We have to be responsible".