Thierry Henry - PFA Player of the Year 2003

Last updated : 27 April 2003 By Chris Parry
He's had a great season, scoring 34 goals in all competitions to date. I for one hopes he gets a lot nearer to forty by the time we've finished the campaign.

He said:

"This means a lot to me because the other players have voted for me. They all know better than anyone else because they play against me and they must have noticed something, so I'm happy they have noticed something.

"It's never easy when you come from another country to get people to like you but, at the end of the day, the most important thing is football, no matter which country you are from. We are all trying to play the same and to do well on the pitch, so nationality doesn't really matter."

'Good on yer' Tel - and at least they didn't give it to Ruud Van Wankyboy again!