UEFA Plans for New-Look Champions League Set to Benefit Europe's Elite Clubs

UEFA have hatched plans for a bold new method of Champions League qualification - with Europe's elite clubs set to benefit.

Currently, progression into the competition proper is dependent on who finished in the designated domestic league positions across the continent during the previous season.


However, changes could be afoot. According to the Mirror, this tried and tested system is set to be scrapped in 2024. The report claims that UEFA are planning to take the performance of teams over the previous four seasons into account when determining Champions League qualification.

The proposal has apparently been brought in to prevent elite clubs who have one poor domestic season missing out on continental qualification all together. Europe's biggest sides have long sought to protect their position at the top - with rumours of a breakaway 'Super League' being revisited earlier this year.

In practice, the new plan would mean that the only way for a club outside of the established 'Big Six' in England to progress into the competition would be winning the Premier League outright or performing well in the Europa League.

UEFA Champions League"Red Bull Leipzig v Tottenham Hotspur FC"

Tottenham are poised to finish outside of the Champions League places this season but under these new rules they would be prevented from missing out on Champions League due to their strong performances in prior campaigns.

Leicester on the other hand would be disadvantaged if the proposed system was used this season. Despite looking set for a third placed finish, Spurs or Arsenal - who reached the Europa League final last time out - would likely take their place in the Champions League.

Under the new proposals there will be no changes to the maximum amount of teams from one country permitted into the competition - which is currently set at five.

Source : 90min