Usmanov buys more shares

Last updated : 18 September 2007 By Chris Parry
It's about time that the Russian (or at least his appointed spokesperson David Dein) came out and declared their intentions.

The Russian press seem to think that Usmanov simply has an eye for an investment and doesn't intend to take control of the club, but why appoint Dein as Chairman of your holidng company if you have no intention of interfering?

Meanwhile the current board stand firm - at least publicly - but with share prices reaching stratospheric levels thanks to the interest from outside they're bound to smell a fat windfall before too long.

In the meantime all the fans can do is sit back and watch, and hope that by the time the money men have finished ducking and diving that we still have a club to support, or at least one that we can feel part of and relate to, although many would say that those days are gone already.