Wenger answers Villas-Boas

"Look, if our opponents are in control from the first to the last minute and we win 5-2, I don't mind too much .We have won games with 10 men, and lost games with 10 men."

On the sending off:

"It changed certainly the game because Adebayor had a good start and was lively, but what do I make of it? It's not rose, it's not yellow, it's red. He's not especially hard to manage. He did control his reaction.

"Sometimes players have this kind of reaction when they are frustrated but this was not the case. He was flying. I thought he had a great start."

On Theo Walcott:

"We haven't found an agreement yet but we will continue. He certainly doesn't play like someone who wants to go. And I don't behave like somebody who wants him to go."