Wenger: 'For us it was important to finish well and we did it'

Last updated : 09 May 2010 By Chris Parry

"Congratulations to Chelsea, to Carlo Ancelotti and his players. He behaved very well the whole season.

"For us it was important to finish well and we did it. We have gone beyond expectation, if you look at July, but of course we are still frustrated, because one month ago we were in touch with the championship, but did not win it.

"Overall we had a season with a good attitude and strong character, the team has improved a lot on that front, but overall we conceded too many goals to win the championship.

"We did not have the players available in the last six weeks to fight for the championship. When you go into the final sprint, you need your squad available. We had too many injuries.

"It is a shame because we have gone out in the quarter-finals of the Champions League to the holders and have been beaten by Chelsea and Manchester United, who have strong squads.

"We were just a fraction short."