Wenger: 'I couldn't have asked for any more'

Last updated : 19 May 2006 By Chris Parry
On the first Barca goal:

"My biggest regret is that the first goal was offside. When you are 11 against 10 and you concede an offside goal, it's very difficult to accept. Its difficult to lose the game on a wrong decision. It was offside and it is proven on TV.

"Why do we have to take it? I still don't think it's right. We have to do something about it. Yes, I am angry.

On Lehmann:

"It looked like a red card because it was a foul outside the box. It looked to be a foul, so it's difficult to contest. That wasn't the most important part of the game but it was early with over 70 minutes to go.

"We played well. We had two or three good chances to score the second goal and as long as we didn't score, the last 20 minutes were going to be difficult. I never thought we had it won. I'm not naive enough to believe that with 15 minutes to go, 1-0 up with 10 men that it was won.

"I couldn't have asked for any more. My players were absolutely magnificent. They were heroes tonight but unfortunately they are not rewarded."

On Henry:

"I will try to talk to him because we have to prepare for next season. We have many young players in our team. We have a big future as a big team but we need Thierry Henry to achieve that.

"He has such an influence on our side and can help us become a major force in the world. He said he would sort it out before the World Cup and there's not long to wait now."