Wenger: 'If a team defends deep, we have to find a way to score'

Last updated : 06 January 2011 By Chris Parry

"Overall there is no way we should lose courage or belief in our team. It is the opposite. We should even come out with even more belief in our quality and be more resolute in the coming games because we have shown we have what it takes to be a serious contender in this league."

"The regret I have is that we did not take our early chances because that would have changed the game. They came here to have a 0-0 and they got what they wanted.

"We played for long periods against 10 men, even Carlos Tevez, I have never seen him so deep.

"We always try to win our games, but maybe it was their way to try to win, to defend deep and to catch us on the break and make something special. But we have to respect that and sort out the problems we face.

"Even if a team defends deep, we have to find a way to score and you cannot reproach Manchester City for that. Maybe it was not the most spectacular way but still they were efficient in what they wanted and they got it."