Wenger: 'Is it forbidden to take a quick free-kick?'

Last updated : 09 February 2003 By Chris Parry

As Arsene says:

"Is it forbidden to take a quick free-kick? - I think it's logical when you have a free-kick that you try first to play it quickly. It's not what Dennis did that is forbidden, it's the fact that you cannot stand in the way of a guy who wants to take a free-kick because it cancels the advantage of the free-kick.

"It's unfortunate, but what can I say? The referee had not much choice. He gave him a yellow card and that's what it is."

So there you go.

As far as the rest of the game was concerned, it was evident that Wenger is happy with the way that the team is playing, but of course he was disappointed that we didn't open up a five point gap at the top by winning today:

"We would like to have a 30-point cushion, but unfortunately, it's not possible, but we are challenged and that makes it interesting for everybody, and I would say as well that the team is ready for the challenge and you can see that in the games.

"We know we have the quality to go all along and to do very well."