Wenger: 'Jack was outstanding tonight'

Last updated : 16 January 2013 By Chris

"Jack was outstanding tonight. He played in a different position, a bit higher up and it suited him well. I didn't expect him to be this good at this stage.

"I always thought that if we could get Jack back to a reasonable level by January we will have done well, but he is ahead of what I could imagine. He is back to what he was before the injury, I think so, yes.

"A complete midfielder can defend and attack and Jack can also dribble and give a final ball so the closer players like him are to the goal the better it is for them. He has quality and enthusiasm and a love for the game, which is the most important thing for me.

"It was unbelievable that we couldn't score but we got it in the end. We persevered and we were rewarded. Overall we gave a good performance and it is important that we develop like that as a team. We were dangerous everywhere."

"Let's first try to finish the deal with Walcott. I hope it will be soon, very, very soon now. I cannot tell you much more."

"I wouldn't like to think the Premier League is less important now, we have to fight to get back into a better position. If we were about to play the final it would be our best chance of a trophy, but we have just won one round.

"We go to Brighton next and we will play with full power, but for us there was more at stake than just the FA Cup, it was to win again after we lost such a big game on Sunday. We have to try to stay in as many competitions as possible."