Wenger: 'Jens will play against Bayern'

Last updated : 20 February 2005 By Chris Parry

He says:

"Everyone will see it as a battle between Kahn and Lehmann but they are two professionals who want to do well. I don't believe he needs an added motivation, an added pressure maybe, but he is 34 and he has to show he can deal with that. You do well in football when you are relaxed and motivated.

"That mixture is very difficult to find because when you don't do well, you are not relaxed.

"When you are 20, you stand there shivering in a big game and if it doesn't go well, you don't know how to come back into the game. But when you are over 30, you get used to it. I liked his reaction when he was not in the team. I observed him well.

"Instead of doing a little bit less in training, he did a little bit more every day. He wanted to do more work. I didn't push him to do more, he wanted to do it. He did the opposite of calling me names in the media when he wasn't playing because he understood that it would not work. The only thing he could do was convince me that he could work hard and that is what he did.

"He is a guy who, when under pressure, responds very well. When he came back against Aston Villa, you could see that he was really focused.

"It could have gone really bad for him at this club but that is why he is where he is. It is down to quality and his attitude. When your back is against the wall, you show that you are ready to fight and that is what he did."