Wenger: 'Quality-wise we have been remarkable the whole season'

Last updated : 12 May 2008 By Chris Parry
"You have to be reasonable. When you get 83 points and you call that failure, what would the other teams say?

"I feel quality-wise we have been remarkable the whole season. I have never had a team that has consistently produced quality games like this team. We lost a 100 metres race by a fraction of a second. We were on the same line and somebody has put their chest in front of us just at the end.

"It doesn't mean we have not made a good 100m. To have a great 100m, you need three or four who compete for the final place.

"This year, the Premier League, for maybe the first time in the last four or five years, was exciting until the last day of the season, and we have contributed to that."

"It is respectable, 83 points, I have won championships with less, but it highlights as well the level of the competition, the required amount of points needed this year because there was very little difference between the three teams who fought for the championship.

"Any little weakness and you were punished because Manchester United finished with 87, Chelsea 85 and we finished with 83.

"Where Manchester United made the difference was at home. They took similar points to us away from home and fewer than Chelsea, but at home, they had 17 victories.

"At Old Trafford, they have an advantage and they use that advantage."