Wenger: 'There are disagreements in every team'

Last updated : 26 January 2008 By Chris Parry

"Everyone has played football and in what team does that kind of incident not happen. I am surprised that in a country with such a history in the game that so much is made of it.

"It is something to talk about, but there are disagreements in every team. People play rugby in this country and that is where people get hit every week, it is normal, then we have an incident where someone might have been touched a tiny bit and everyone is shocked. People are shocked, but I was not shocked."

"Why should he have been suspended? Who has seen that he has hit his team-mate?

"There were 200 hundred photographers and seven cameras around the pitch and everyone tried to find one where Adebayor hit Bendtner - but they didn't find anything, so why should anyone come to the conclusion that Adebayor hit Bendtner? If they had he would have been suspended.

"We deal with it internally. We are quite severe when we feel the players have to be punished - but everyone tried to prove that Adebayor hit Bendtner and nobody found anything. Bendtner did not say that he was hit.

"Both of them apologised because it didn't project the right sort of image and it shocked your virgin view of the game."

Eventually he managed to get a word in on today's game, starting with Theo Walcott.....

"We feel he needs games and he grew in the game, and found confidence. When a player feels he has not had a good game, it is good to give him a game to show that you believe in him."

"It was a game where the first goal had a big impact on the result. We scored when we were in control and that was hard for Newcastle to absorb mentally. If they had scored in the first half, it would have given them more belief.

"We played against a good team who started well, but we eventually controlled the game in the second half. The second killed them. But overall, it was a difficult game."