Wenger: 'This is the kind of result that can change a season'

Last updated : 12 August 2007 By Chris Parry
"We had a horrible start and were playing against a good Fulham side, a good goalkeeper. Apart from that, we were resilient, didn't give up for 90 minutes, were physically and mentally strong.

"This is the kind of result that can change a season for a team. It's a positive start. You can get momentum from these things, and especially belief. Nobody could ever measure it in terms of psychology, but it is important.

"To have lost the game today would have been a big blow for the team because everyone would have said it was after Thierry Henry had left."

"First of all, I was surprised he had made the mistake. He's an experienced keeper and you want to deal with your first ball. Jens changed his mind, but wasn't quick enough to respond to his brain. He lost his co-ordination."

"Every goalkeeper can make a mistake. He made one. If you are an outfield player you are not punished, but you are in goal."

"I read I'm cracking up under the pressure. I think it's linked that I have to make an ECG for my life insurance, and I came out of a hospital somewhere. If I'm sick, I'm ignoring it, so it's all good.

"I wasn't stressed today because the players were giving everything to win. As long as you have that in a team, you have hope."