Wenger vows to match Henry's ambition

Last updated : 07 January 2006 By Chris Parry
Wenger vowed to match Thierry Henry's ambition after being asked whether or not he planned to strengthen the squad, saying:

"The ball is in our court. But we will invest in the areas where we feel that we need someone.

"It's a question of trust to the club, the staff and towards the ambition of the club. We want to be the best club in the world.

"I'm confident we can do that, but as a manager you don't always have to look outside the club but to take the maximum out of what you already have. I feel we have great players here if we manage to develop them well.

"It's always reassuring for big players to have other big players around them. But every big player did not have a big name before he was a big player.

"Many of the players here have made the biggest part of their name here. That's always been our target."

"The biggest part was for him to decide to stay, but the next part is for us to sit down with him and try to find out for how long and for how much!" he added.

"We will try, like always, to spend the money we can afford to spend. But of course we want him to stay here. This is good news for the club, the fans and for the team.

"You are always concerned when you have a world-class player that he might be attracted to go somewhere else. But if you look back, nearly all of the players decided to stay at this club because they love the club, the way we play and the way we behave on a daily basis and for the ambition and success we have."