Wenger: 'We always felt we could come back'

Last updated : 11 February 2007 By Chris Parry

"Thierry was upset - but what he did, for me, was right. People do not pay money to see people waste time - they come to see football. Okay, he should not have done that - but it is not the biggest insult we have seen in football.

"The time-wasting started in the first half - the goalkeeper kept crossing over his area to take kicks. Jens Lehmann got a yellow card which I do not understand because Kirkland was doing it all game. Why should it only be on one side?"

"Lehmann would not have played in the Carling Cup final anyway - but I would rather he had not been booked because if we have injuries, you do not know what might happen."

"Wigan had a great game and I understand their frustration, but on the other hand, they stayed down and when they got caught on the goal - I do not think the injury was as bad as he was making it seem."

"I do not know whether it was a penalty - in these situations you never know what will be decided. Maybe the equalising goal was offside by a few inches, but we conceded a goal in the Champions League final like that and nobody complained.

"This is why you need video assistance. It is annoying for Wigan, but it has happened to us as well."

"We were quite resilient and we showed great character to fight back against a good side. We were fortunate that Heskey did not score a second goal before half-time and the rebound did not fall to him.

"We started slowly, which is usual after an international break - but we had more drive in the second half and we always felt we could come back."