Wenger: 'We are still in a very strong position'

Last updated : 29 November 2009 By Chris Parry

"The turning point was the referee's decision to disallow the goal. Personally I believe it was not a serious decision, that was very unfair. How can he see Eduardo kicking Cech when it was a Chelsea player who stops him from controlling the ball?

"It would have been a very important goal in this kind of game and that was a big mistake by the referee.

"When you start the second half of the game 2-0 down instead of 2-1 down, it's psychologically completely different for the security of Chelsea. You can see on the replay that Eduardo doesn't even intervene. He said to me it was dangerous play, that Eduardo had kicked the ball out of Cech's hands. He is not even in there, Eduardo.

"It's important that in big games referees do not make big mistakes and influence the result and today it was a mistake from the referee. Apart from that he was fair and tried to be fair but he made a massive mistake at a very important point in the game.

"I personally think the referees do not want video. It's difficult to understand why. Why doesn't he ask for video today when. Why? Nobody knows because they are scared to be intimidated and they are worried about being under pressure when they are looking at video."

"We are still in a very strong position. Chelsea can drop points and I'm convinced of that. We are fighters and we have to show that in our next game."