Wenger: 'We feel stronger and stronger in every single game'

Last updated : 22 January 2011 By Chris Parry

"It was a good team performance overall. The players were a bit frustrated at half-time as they did not take their chances, but during that first half, we played outstanding football.

"We feel stronger and stronger in every single game. It is interesting the chance we have in front of us because for me the way we play is fantastic to watch. Let's just keep going."

"It is down to us to use van Persie in the right proportion of the games we play. Robin handles it all right. He is intelligent but of course he wants to play."

"We will rotate, we have no choice. We play nine games in January, it's the most we have ever played. But we have fantastic players on the bench and it is very important because we cannot always play with the same XI."

"I am open-minded about buying and if the right opportunity turns up we will take it. It is not just because you want to buy that you find exactly what you need.

"Trust us - if the opportunity is there we will take it, if it's not we will play with the players we have, and I will not use that as an excuse if we don't win trophies."