Wenger: 'We had to fight to score three goals and we did it well'

Last updated : 29 January 2012 By Chris

"I was very impressed because I felt that when you come out of a bad period like we are, and you are 2-0 down, you can feel sorry for yourself or you can show you have the mental qualities to play for this club.

"I was very proud the team came out playing on all cylinders and showed they are not ready to lie down. That is was a good test to show that we had the mental qualities to come back. On the other hand it was important that we didn't panic.

"To concede a goal just on half-time for 2-0 was a difficult blow, but we responded very well against Manchester United here and we did it again on Sunday.

"Overall it was a classic FA Cup tie in England: 2-0 down and coming back, we had to fight to score three goals and we did it well."

"I just want to do well for this club that I love. I understand that people question my decisions, but I wouldn't understand if they questioned my commitment and my dedication. The rest I understand, that sometimes people are not happy with my decisions."

"I hope that it convinces the team we have the required qualities and we can transfer that to the Premier League."