Wenger: 'We have shown attitude and spirit'

Last updated : 27 September 2009 By Chris Parry
"I believe you would give him 10 out of 10 because everything he did was right, and for a goalkeeper, that is the most important. He stopped everything he had to stop and did not make any wrong decision. Overall he has shown he has the potential to be a very good goalkeeper."

"In this job you have to go from game to game. Consistency is the first sign of quality. Sometimes keepers look unbeatable, and he looked today that he could make every save. He has played a fantastic game today and until the next game, he is the number one."

"It is good for us to know we can win like this, because people always expect us to dominate games and win. We have shown attitude and spirit - without that, we would have not gone away with three points.

"I am very optimistic about the team because what I have seen today means there is something which shows we can go from strength to strength."

"We had some problems during the first half because they stopped us playing our game. Fulham played very well, they were committed and organised. We needed to be special to come out with three points.

"We took one of our opportunities very well, but after that Fulham remained always dangerous. They fought until the last second."