Wenger: 'We showed our resilience'

Last updated : 19 September 2009 By Chris Parry

"Of course we want to stamp out cheating in the game," Wenger said. "It is not necessarily cheating sometimes, handball can be a reflex as well.

"I do not encourage cheating and we all have to fight against it, but in this particular situation it can be a reflex as well. When the player goes down sometimes it is not always because he wants to cheat.

"It can be a foul and he makes a bit more of it, but the personality I feel in England that the personality of the player who does it is more important than the importance of the foul and the cheating. I mean some players get away with things and other don't."

"I believe Eboue did what you have to do in our job, which is to shut up, play and let everyone else talk while he produces quality performances. His is a job for strong people, and you can respond mentally. The supporters are behind him again as he plays well and he plays with the right spirit."

"He is a sensitive bit and an extrovert, but he's a creative player."

"It is a continuance of our performances since the start of the season. We showed our resilience, a great attitude and played with fluency. Our job is not to talk too much but to win games. We were faithful to the way we wanted to play up until the end of the game. Everybody worked hard for the team."